The Lady of Cao

    Northern Peru retains traces of some of the most fascinating cultures of the pre-European period. Important discoveries, such as the royal tombs of Sipan in 1987 and the recent Tomb of the Lady of Cao make this area a paradise for archeology. The Mochica culture (100-800 AD) was able to leave unique architectural relics such as temples for ceremonies, highly refined hydraulic engineering works, and in particular the beautiful ceramics, considered the best of ancient Peru. Followers of the god Ai-apaec formed a proud and powerful hierarchical society. Duality, always present in the philosophy of Mochica, summarizes the nature of this culture. The mysterious lady of Cao was probably a seer, as indicated by the numerous tattoos, a character who acted as a link between the earth and the divine. Her legacy over the communities persisted over time.