What is the myth? Can it be the continuous search for a connection between Man and his imaginary? The traces of that connection remain in the sacredness of the small gestures, in the traditions of a community, in the places that have marked its creation. In an era guided by scientism, myths, stories and legends are still recorded in the collective memory. The constant evocation of them, through remembrance, continues to bring confidence and calmness to the empty answers we are surrounded by. The MitoGrafia project began years ago on the basis of local legends of the Spanish geography. In their evolution, the common patterns between places were increasingly evident. Names, characters, battles, tales, stories, emblematic places, had recurring similarities beyond their latitudes. MitoGrafia is a box that you have to open slowly to browse its contents. That deposit concentrates that fantastic world on which our identities have been forged. Myths and legends are still part of popular culture, they are like an unstoppable source in which to get wet with security and confidence.