Living on the edge

    4 countries, 4 cities, 4 borders, 4 realities
    The European Union has worked since its foundation to achieve border integration. Nevertheless, the creation of new borders and the strengthening of existing ones still occur, especially within cities. Now that national borders are more permeable and less confining than ever due to globalization, the strongest conflicts are related to urban space. Divided cities are both cohabitation laboratories and battlegrounds. The aim of this project is to portray the day-to-day reality of people living in Nicosia (Cyprus), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Mitrovica (Kosovo) and Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). What these cities have in common are physical borders that were born from conflict. In each, social, ethnic and religious collectives feel that their community in those territories should be exclusive. Even so, there are also members who would like to overcome the past and define a common future, beyond differences.

    In collaboration with : Grant Pascal Decroos for investigative journalism | ICIP ( Institut Catalá Internacional de la Pau) | La Repubblica