The journey of the Holy Shroud

    The project stems from a desire to tell the story of an ideal journey. A journey through time and history, led by an image, the icon of the Holy Shroud, the result of devotion, tradition and faith. From Jerusalem, by far considered to be the holy city, to Turkey where the first communities of Christ’s followers were located. Including Antioch in Syria, mystical Edessa and the flourishing Constantinople, the devoted guardian of Eastern relics until crusader plundering in 1204. From here thereafter, hypotheses are intertwined with legends and myths in times when the march of time was extended and human vicissitudes stayed alive in their memory to be handed down. The reappearance of the sacred linen in French territory, in Lirey, 1353 marks the date when the relic is removed from darkness and virtually entering today’s history. From this time on, the heart of medieval Europe begins to exercise an increasingly profound devotion towards the Holy Shroud. The Dukes of Savoy who purchased the Shroud and subsequent steps from Chambery in the French Alps to Turin, are the culmination of a long and eventful history; this ideal journey starting in the East is also supported by the men who accompanied it.