Hannibal – The man who could have change History

    Year 218 BC. The clash between the growing expansion of Rome and the empire of Carthage was inevitable. A young general, son of the Barca lineage, took the decision to bring the war directly beyond the Alps, into Roman territory. The feat of that incredible strategist, who set off from Carthage, in southern Spain, with a following of 90,000 men, horses and 37 elephants, is still classified today as one of the most extraordinary feats in history. Hannibal subjugated the powerful Roman army with a series of victories that are still taught in military schools. After the victory at Canne the next step would have been the siege of Rome. But the general doubted. The same commander Maarbale, says Titus Livio, reproves his general: «The gods have evidently not granted all the qualities to the same person. You know how to win, Hannibal, but you don’t know how to take advantage of victory.» The Carthaginian army fought and remained in Italy for another decades, to be definitively crushed in Zama, Tunisia. After that, the roman empire spread its dominion over the known world. In some point, after Canne, with a change of strategy, Hannibal could perhaps have changed also the course of History.