Final de Línea

    The project Final de Línea has been realized by the photographers Alessandro Vincenzi and Marco Ansaloni. It’s a document that explores the perimeter of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, a city that is one of the urban settlements that, over several decades, have experienced ever greater and consistent exponential growth. The Catalan character, that built a solid society based on the economy, migration and culture must now assimilate the addition of new flows of migration and tourism that continue to shape the personality of the city. The identity of an urban center is characterized by its ability to adapt to the passing of time without overlooking the needs of those who form the protagonists of this identity: the citizens. The empathy between structure and human being is a constant area of research for urban planners and sociologists. The different faces of Barcelona as we know it today are the result of this research. The transport systems become an indispensable actor on this scenario. The metro and its underground tracks are a metaphor for the arterial flow made of steel and cables that guarantee the mobility of millions of people. The project Final de Línea describes the territorial limits of universes that are sometimes so far distant and unknown. In this context the ends of each line become a shelter for its users and a metaphor of a journey.