El Mirador

    70 km and 2 days walking into the jungle of Peten, Guatemala, to get into the wonderful world of the Maya kingdom of Khan. An expedition to observe one of the largest archaeological excavations on the planet. Directed by professor Richard Hansen, from Idaho University, some 400 people including archaeologists, workers, cooks, etc. live part of the year looking for the remains of El Mirador, cleaning the temples and the old ‘Calzadas’, the ways that connected the various towns now lost. An expedition that put in contact the people who roam the forest in search of answers with the rediscovery of their indigenous origins. The reign of Khan survived for almost six centuries (400 BC – 150 AD) in contact with a hostile environment that finally prevailed on this civilization that, from here, gave birth to the Maya world.

    In collaboration with : Touring Club Italiano | Geo Magazine