Covid-19 | Pausa Sagrada Familia

    The echo of the bells rises over a forgotten silence by the surroundings of the temple. Its sound filters through empty streets. The symbol of the city is paused, wounded, and like the planet itself, it has run out of rhythm. From its surroundings, one can still perceive its weak heartbeat over the neighborhood. It pulsates. It is alive. But his arteries have run out of oxygen, out of flow. The Sagrada Familia is in hibernated limbo. The neighborhood is living this empty, unique, unexpected, painful, historical, surreal period, with dignity. It misses perhaps the chaos and the masses, the noise and the buses, the incessant walk and the cameras. But it knows that in this global pause, the rhythms have slowed down and we must accept that. Perhaps, through the pauses, new replanting can be born and shaped. Meanwhile, inside their homes, thousands of people are waiting to break the uncertainty of this momentary silence, in the hope that, if we face it together, the new challenges will be more bearable.