Oregon Trail

    The paths of the pioneers who traveled to the state of Oregon, are an integral part of the genetics of those who feel part of the great American frontier. The caravans laden with dreams and hopes mingled with the fate of the natives who lived here. During thousands of years the native populations of the Warm Springs, Wasco and Paiute cast their nets in the Columbia River. Fishing was the sustenance of the tribes who lived on the thundering Celilo Falls in Oregon. In 1957 the US government inaugurated the dam of The Dalles, sweeping away in a few days an entire ecosystem. The descendants of that tragedy gather every year within the Warm Spring reserves. Although today the salmon is treated industrially, the tribal prophecy says that it is only a matter of time because the Celilo Falls will return to feel the thunder of their waters. Only then the salmon will be free again. It 's just a matter of time.