De Mérida a Rávena / El sueño de Juan

    Marco Ansaloni / 17 mayo, 2016 / Sin categoría
    Este mes de mayo la revista GEO en España publica un amplio articulo sobre una de las artes mas brillantes y a la vez poco conocida del patrimonio […]

    Archaeology Magazine / Domus Aurea Project

    Marco Ansaloni / 8 septiembre, 2015 / News
    The American Institute of Archaeology has chosen the project of the Domus Aurea as new cover for the article about the Nero’s Golden Palace in Rome. Images : […]

    Exhibition ‘Living On The Edge / 4 Divided cities in Europe’ / Tarragona, Spain

    Marco Ansaloni / 21 noviembre, 2015 / News
    In Collaboration with ICIP ( International Catala Institute for Peace)   The new Exhibition of the project ‘Living on the Edge / 4 Divided cities in Europe’ will […]
    Photographic Notebook

    NOTEBOOK: Copybook composed of sheets of small dimension to collect memories and notes

    The notebook can be combined perfectly with the second useful tool for the Memory: Photography